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About the Agency:

The Agency’s Mission Statement:

The mission of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency is to protect public health and the environment and to promote sustainable materials management practices in Ulster County by efficiently managing solid waste materials with a focus on resource conservation.


In the mid-1980's, after new initiatives to close non-complying existing landfills were undertaken by the NYSDEC and strict requirements for the siting, construction, and operation of new disposal facilities were enacted, many communities found it beyond their financial and managerial capability to continue to dispose of waste in traditional ways.

The Agency was created in 1986. It is a Public Benefit Corporation of the State of New York which is empowered by Chapter 13-G of the Public Authorities Law to manage solid waste and recyclables in the County of Ulster.

In 2012 the Ulster County Flow Control Law was enacted. This ensures that all municipal solid waste created in Ulster County must be disposed of at the Agency.

Flow Control allows all users to pay the same rate for disposal, and ends tax-payer subsidies, making the Agency self-sustaining.