We believe we can make our neighborhoods more environmentally sustainable communities through recycling, proper disposal, and by preventing litter. Property managers and landlords play an important role in educating their tenants about recycling and proper disposal – and it’s in everyone’s best interest to reduce litter, reduce move-out costs, avoid junking/illegal dumping, and helping to improve our communities.

Tips for Better Recycling at Multi-Family Dwellings

  • Landlords: always inform tenants that recycling is mandatory as per local law, and provide a list of the items they can recycle. Recycling rules vary depending on if you utilize a town transfer station or curbside hauling company. If you’re not sure what’s recyclable where you live, ask!
  • Landlords: consider adding language in lease agreements about a recycling policy. Inform tenants about the free household hazardous waste collection program at UCRRA, and the free electronics recycling program at UCRRA. This also protects you from being left with unwanted junk when tenants move out!
  • Tenants are more likely to recycle if recycling bins are provided. Make sure recycling bins are labeled and located next to trash bins in communal spaces like mail rooms, laundry rooms, etc.
  • Not Recycling? Contact the UCRRA Recycling Coordinator at 845-336-0600  

Did you know? Habitat for Humanity will pick up large furniture donations for free! Call (845)853-7499

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