UCRRA can offer technical guidance on how to improve your business recycling program. UCRRA Staff are available to help businesses plan, implement, or improve a waste reduction, recycling, or composting program. Contact the Recycling Coordinator at 845-336-0600 to learn more.

Tips for Better Recycling

  • Recycling bins should be clearly labeled for employees and/or customers. If possible, color-code bins and use signs to identify the different bins and what materials can be recycled/composted/discarded. UCRRA offers free recycling/trash/compost stickers for businesses!
  • Make sure recycling bins are always located directly next to trash bins.
  • Keep a separate bin for deposit containers (water bottles, soda cans, etc) where employees have lunch or snacks. Use the funds from redemption or donate the funds to a local community group.
  • Opt for reusable, durable supplies over disposable ones. Encourage employees to bring their own coffee mug. Offer condiments in bulk rather than individually-packaged.
  • Use double-sided printing and copying as a default printer setting. Make sure there’s a recycling bin next to the printer station!
  • Circulate memos and documents instead of printing multiple copies.
  • Use electronic data storage instead of paper files.

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